enstats Germany April 2022

enstats Germany April 2022

enstats informs you monthly on enmacc’s trading activities in the German market. Our charts report on the distribution of commodities, of delivery types, market areas, balancing zones and delivery periods in the month of April 2022 on entender.

Here you will find the enmacc enstats for the German market.

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METECO sees a greener future in energy trading with enmacc

METECO sees a greener future in energy trading with enmacc

“With enmacc, we can easily find new counterparts to trade with in a very easy and efficient way and gather price information in the renewable energy market!” Jorge Ruiz, METECO’s CEO

METECO empowers their customers to trade renewable energies 
METECO ENERGÍA VERDE S.L. is a start-up company that is dedicated to the trading of guarantees of origin and environmental certificates in Spain and Europe. Their goal is to help their customers trade renewable energies. Thanks to enmacc, METECO can grow its network with more counterparts and trade in an easy and efficient way.

Volatile markets and lack of liquidity
Finding liquidity in energy markets is a big challenge for all traders, especially in the volatile markets of renewable energy. Under the circumstances of this particular market, METECO inevitably needs to seek new trading opportunities. A trading platform that can help them find these counterparts and execute trades quickly and efficiently was the priority solution they were searching for. 

engreen, the perfect tool to conquer challenges
METECO joined the enmacc network in June 2021. “engreen, where the magic happens! I definitely use it the most,” Jorge Ruiz, METECO’s CEO, said. engreen is enmacc’s European GoO trading platform which is tailor-made for the renewable energy market. METECO utilizes engreen to: 

  • connect with over 400 energy companies from 14 different countries
  • assemble complete market information on one screen
  • eliminate the need for manual steps to request prices through a streamlined process

“Once everything is in motion, deals are closed very fast and for a reasonable price.” commented Mr. Ruiz. “Also, the messenger is very user-friendly,” Mr.Ruiz added. It adds value since METECO connects with traders and they can interact directly with each other. 

Increase the number of deals and trade volume effectively 
Along with the benefits of connectivity, transparency, and automation on enmacc, METECO can effectively increase the number of deals and trade volume. “With enmacc, we can easily find new counterparts to trade in a very comfortable way and gather price information in the energy market!,” said Mr. Ruiz. “Our main goal is to increase our deals, the volume traded, and the number of counterparts. I know the enmacc team is always there to help me in the processes,” he added.

METECO, based in Spain, is a start-up company that is dedicated to the trading of Guarantees of Origin and environmental certificates in Spain and Europe. METECO aims to help their customers become renewable with their 100% adaptability and proven experience to fulfill their customers’ needs.

Find out how FairEnergie’s tender process is 2x faster with enmacc

Find out how FairEnergie’s tender process is 2x faster with enmacc

“Thanks to enmacc, the time needed for trading natural gas tenders with a broad participant base is reduced by more than 50%.” Dirk Meinecke, Accounting and Portfolio Manager at FairEnergie.

FairEnergie was searching for an opportunity to make their trading workflow more efficient

“Trading via telephone and mail was time-consuming and harboured procedural risks” stated Mr. Meinecke. FairEnergie was tackling one of the most prominent problems of inefficient trading processes. In addition, they needed a platform that was seamlessly integrated into their existing workflow, EDM and ETRM systems, to reduce manual errors and help manage information in real-time.

Reduced workload through automated pre and post trade processes

Traders from FairEnergie were enthusiastic by the simplicity of enmacc operations when they joined in late 2017. “The processes have been standardised and thanks to the connection to our EDM system, not only has the workload been drastically reduced, but mismatches are now a thing of the past.” Mr. Meinecke commented. 

enmacc offers FairEnergie a professional setup of pre and post trade workflows with automated deal capturing and risk management for bilateral trading. Seamlessly and automatically connected to their system, the new generation of enmacc Connect API enables FairEnergie to 

  • eliminate transition errors
  • remove manual steps from their daily workflow
  • integrate with low effort
  • manage information in real-time

With enmacc, FairEnergie’s tender process is at least 2x faster

Mr. Meinecke pointed out the significant impact on the time saved after joining enmacc. “Thanks to enmacc, time needed for trading natural gas tenders with a broad participant base is reduced by more than 50%. Now it takes only 20-30 minutes to conduct instead of an hour.” With enmacc, FairEnergie can focus on their essential tasks instead of manual work and leverage automation to improve trading performance.

About FairEnergie

FairEnergie GmbH was founded in 2000 as a subsidiary of the Stadtwerke Reutlingen GmbH. The group has been rooted in Reutlingen for decades as a modern, future-oriented, customer-oriented energy and service company. The entire Stadtwerke Reutlingen GmbH group currently employs over 600 people. FairEnergie GmbH’s procurement portfolio comprises around 2 TWh of gas and 1 TWh of electricity. 

Enmacc and Klafka & Hinz announce new partnership

Enmacc and Klafka & Hinz announce new partnership

The cooperation between enmacc and Klafka & Hinz digitises end-to-end trading workflows and seamlessly connects the trading ecosystems to optimise traders’ lives.

enmacc, Europe’s fastest-growing OTC energy trading platform, is happy to announce a new partnership with Klafka & Hinz, a nationwide market leader offering software solutions for the liberalised energy market. Through this partnership, enmacc and Klafka & Hinz will be brought together to enhance connectivity and automation of mutual users’ trading ecosystems.

enmacc strives for a fully automated process to remove barriers when trades are conducted through their trading platform. Fewer repetitive tasks, for example, manually entering completed trades into ETRMs, will be required through this integration with enmacc’s CONNECT API. Additionally, it allows for improved data accuracy, eliminates manual errors, and optimises risk management workflows. 

Dr. Hans-Jörg Hinz, Co-Founder and CEO of Klafka & Hinz: “The use of connected systems and services offers a great potential for energy supply companies to increase process efficiency. Our partnership with enmacc allows our clients to exploit this potential.”

Jens Hartmann, CEO at enmacc: “We are proud to partner with Klafka & Hinz to bring an extremely high level of automation in the energy trading market and make energy traders’ lives easier. Our solution will provide an environment that enables seamless and effective collaboration across the energy trading ecosystems.”

If you want to learn more about your possibilities, schedule a chat with our Technical Project Manager Rineta Lleshi at rineta.lleshi@enmacc.com.

About Klafka & Hinz

Klafka & Hinz Energie-Informations-Systeme GmbH, based in Aachen in the immediate vicinity of the RWTH campus, established itself as the nationwide market leader with its software solutions when the energy market began to be liberalised more than 20 years ago. 

The many years of experience of their consultants and software engineers characterise their FirstX product family. Their IT solutions are “up to date” in terms of software, tailored to the real needs of users and the effective processing of their customers’ business processes. 

Find out how swenex made their trading process even more efficient and successful

Find out how swenex made their trading process even more efficient and successful

“With enmacc, we save 30 minutes per tender and increase the number of offers.” Adriel Häni, Head of Portfolio Management.

Swenex is one of the leading energy service companies in Switzerland, adding significant value for its domestic and industrial customers through energy procurement, energy data management, and billing. Acting as the trading arm for its customers, swenex aims to purchase power in Switzerland at very competitive price levels and implements tailor-made solutions for their customers.

Challenges of legacy manual workflows

“Purchasing electricity via email is time-consuming and no longer up-to-date”, said Adriel Häni, Head of Portfolio Management. He stressed the current challenges regarding the liquidity of the energy market and the necessity of transforming outdated, often manual trading processes to digital ones. In order to gain a competitive advantage, swenex has implemented an innovative solution speeding up the entire energy trading process against old habits.

Speed and efficiency by digitising the trading workflow 

After joining the enmacc network in the middle of 2021, swenex modernised its trading workflow and experienced its innovative RFQ technology. Within weeks, the service provider was able to enhance its reach and counterparty portfolio, as well as shorten its purchasing and negotiation processes significantly. “The people at enmacc are customer-friendly, helpful and solution-oriented”, said energy manager Andrew Bray.

The outlook

Mr. Häni pointed out that swenex gains a wide range of benefits by embracing enmacc’s OTC trading platform, which includes:

  • Time-saving: 30 minutes saved per tender.
  • Extra Liquidity: further increased the number of offers.

“We encourage market participants in Switzerland to use the enmacc trading platform too.”, Mr. Häni concluded.

About swenex

As a trusted partner, swenex represents their customers’ interests in dealings with energy providers and transmission grid operators. Their independence is vitally important and assures their customers of getting their energy at the best possible price. Swenex’s decision to focus on industrial, commercial and service companies means that they know their customers’ requirements inside out and can deliver tailored solutions for their customers’ procurement, billing, energy monitoring, metering, cost allocation (internal apportionment of costs) and much more.