Automated Trading Process for suppliers!

Automated Trading Process for suppliers!

Automating time-consuming processes for you was an important goal for us from the start. An important part of this is the connection of your trading system with enmacc. Which options can currently be covered for you can be seen in the following overview:

  • Request Capturing – Requests you receive are transferred directly to your system and can be automatically priced
  • Automatic Quoting – You can send prices for requests that you receive directly to enmacc
  • Deal Capturing – Done deals are transferred directly to your system

What does that mean for you and for your daily tasks? Your trading system or even your pricing tool automatically picks up the requests you receive on enmacc and calculates the price for the requested product. You can automatically send this price back to the platform and thus send a quotation to the customer without a manual process step.

This makes it easier for you to process all requests from your trading partners, even in stressful market phases. Thanks to the newly gained speed and comparatively low process costs, you no longer have to prioritise requests, but you can also easily price small volumes, for example.

If the customer then closes at your price, the entire deal is transferred into your system without risk and can be further processed in your back office.

Sounds easy? It is. We’re here to help. Send our Customer Success Team a short e-mail to, chat with us or call us on 089 – 215 415 00!

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