Market sentiment as assistance for trading decisions

Market sentiment as assistance for trading decisions

Perhaps you have already taken part in our market sentiment survey in the past and received a report on it at the end of the month?

If not, you should try the Market Sentiment feature now, as it shows that this tool generates valuable information for you.

On average, enmacc clients provide 195 tips per day for power and gas price trends. In return, all participants receive the aggregated market sentiment of all participating enmacc users every day at 9:30 am. For the first correct tip of the settlement price, a surprise package comes from Munich.

What sounds like a game holds a lot of valuable information for all participants. It has turned out that market sentiment is followed by many traders. In addition, you will receive a detailed evaluation of how your tips were placed in relation to the actual development. You will also see the spread of all tips from the previous month.

That way, you not only learn to assess yourself better over time but also learn early on how the market could develop on the basis of this additional market information. This can help to draw the right conclusions from the market sentiment in the future.

The charts since the beginning of the year show that both power and gas were clearly outnumbered by a bearish trend. This was even more pronounced in gas. And despite the fact that the calendar year is today about as expensive as it was at the beginning of the year, with fluctuations. One explanation might be that the spot market, which many are looking at especially in the cold months, has come under massive pressure. This could have distracted the daily market assessment from the actual underlying, the calendar year. If you have another idea why this might be, we would be happy to receive a short message followed by a sweet surprise.

Only in the last days, the Gas sentiment turned very bullish. We are curious whether this is sustainable or whether this is a short term development.  

You can also see this development from the graphics provided.

Explanation of market sentiment vs. price development

Left Y-axis: dealer bullish in % minus dealer bearish in %.
Example: 40 % bullish, 60 % bearish = -20%.
Right Y-axis: Settlement price front year base German Power or Gas NCG in EUR (EEX)

The 5-day average is displayed in the charts to smooth out possible daily fluctuations in the market assessment (e.g. caused by gaps).

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