Month: August 2020

Enmacc is hosting interactive demo sessions to try out our new features

Enmacc is hosting interactive demo sessions to try out our new features

We want to ensure that all our enmacc users get the most from our platform. For doing so, we are now offering our network the chance to enhance their knowledge hands-on, through a new monthly interactive demo session. 

This new interactive session utilises our demo platform, identical to our live trading platform, and allows you to try out first hand the most important functions that enmacc has to offer.  

In this 45 minute session, you will receive a personalised login to our demo platform that will allow you to try out all the newest features and ask any questions that may arise. 

New features include:

  • enmarket, our OTC price screen and open marketplace for one-click trading
  • engreen, the state-of-the-art trading screen for Guarantees of Origin (GoOs) and elcertificates (elcerts)
  • Fast Track RFQ’s
  • Flexible spread trading
  • Profiles
  • Gas Indexing

Details at a glance:

Time: 1 pm (CEST)

Date: 9th September 2020

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enmacc enstats July 2020

enmacc enstats July 2020

With enstats we inform you monthly about the trading activities on enmacc. In our charts, you can find out everything about the distribution commodities, of delivery types, market areas, control areas and delivery periods in the month of July on entender. The graphics in enmacc stats result from all entender requests made in July 2020.

Here you will find the enmacc enstats

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The enmacc market sentiment in July

The enmacc market sentiment in July

The €750 billion EU rescue package has also stabilised the commodity markets. Crude oil and CO2 prices have risen in recent weeks and have also driven the price of German electricity in the front year.

Some traders have now realised these gains and thus caused a slight price decline again. However, all this took place in a relatively narrow price range.

All in all, the participants of the enmacc market sentiment in July showed a high accuracy: almost 80% of participants gave correct estimations.

We congratulate the market sentiment winners in July on their correct predictions!

3x Karlheinz Berns – ZVO Energie GmbH
3x Mark Doenau – MITGAS Mitteldeutsche Gasversorgung GmbH

2x Torsten Bostelmann – TEAG Thüringer Energie AG
2x Jörg Stockhecke – Stadtwerke Bielefeld GmbH

Evgenij Bessanov – ENNI Energie und Umwelt Niederrhein GmbH
Oliver Bodenmüller – Stadtwerke Karlsruhe GmbH
Thomas Engelhardt – TEAG Thüringer Energie AG
Josephine Hantschmann – envia Mitteldeutsche Energie AG
Stefan Hausammann – Eniwa AG
Uwe Hillig – Stadtwerke Konstanz GmbH
Alexander Knorn – FairEnergie GmbH
Jörg Kruse – ENNI Energie und Umwelt Niederrhein GmbH
Arndt Metzmacher – N-ERGIE Aktiengesellschaft
Patrick Niemeyer – Kooperationsgesellschaft fränkischer Elektrizitätswerke mbH
Markus Oelsner – Energie Südbayern GmbH
Thomas Osthues – Stadtwerke Bochum GmbH
Christoph Paschke – EWV Energie- und Wasser-Versorgung GmbH
Dennis Pastor – Stadtwerke Rostock AG
Heinrich Peng – Technische Betriebe Glarus Nord
Johanna Stäsch – Stadtwerke Marburg GmbH
Marcel Straub – Thüga Energie GmbH
Norman Vogel – KES Kommunale Energiedienstleistungsgesellschaft mbH
Marion Witthuhn – E.ON Energie Deutschland GmbH

Receive quotes from off-platform counterparties directly on enmacc! FAQs:

Receive quotes from off-platform counterparties directly on enmacc! FAQs:

Following a strong response to our latest enhancement to our platform, we have put together a list of FAQs as many of our clients wish to understand the new digital workflow in more detail. View the video below to see how simple it is:

  • What is this feature?
    The feature removes bilateral email communication to deliver all pricing quotes back on the enmacc platform. Our current off-platform clients are currently engaged for RFQ’s via our email distribution capability at which point engagement and subsequent quotes are not collected together with on-platform responses. This now brings everything from our off-platform clients back into our typical on-platform workflow, so clients can see all prices in the one environment, with no loss of relevant pricing data on any RFQs. View an example email here.

  • What is the impact on my workflow?
    For clients, you now have all quotes back on the platform and not in multiple places as before from email recipients of RFQ’s. Previously, off-platform clients needed to come back to you outside of our channel, losing aggregated visibility of responses and resulting in having to manage responses from multiple channels. Our new feature significantly improves and streamlines your workflow.

  • How are prices from off-platform counterparties documented?
    Off-platform counterparts transmit prices directly to the RFQ of the enmacc customer and will be displayed in your demand ticket alongside all responses. They will also be visible for you in the deal history as well. For the off-platform partner, they will additionally receive a confirmation of the submitted price by email.

  • If a deal is executed with an off-platform counterpart, how do we ensure that the deal has taken place and is documented?
    As always, the enmacc platform automatically and immediately sends a trade confirmation via email to all parties involved. 

  • Can an off-platform counterparty change their quotations?
    An off-platform counterparty can change the price by entering a new one via the offered screen.

  • Can I still manually enter prices from off-platform counterparties for my request?
    We encourage all our clients to request off-platform participants to use our new feature so you have a seamless process. However, we retain the ability for you to add their prices responses into your RFQ if they do persist in using a phone or email.

  • If I send several requests at the same time, does the off-platform counterparty receive all requests in one overview / on one screen?
    Yes, the off-platform counterparty will see this group of requests in one overview. For example, if you create five RFQs to launch at a specific time then the off-platform partner will receive all the requests from the one email and link.

  • What is a captcha check?
    A captcha check is used to determine whether or not the user is human. It’s a way to ensure that the quotations our users receive are coming from a real trader

  • Do off-platform counterparties have to register?
    Off-platform counterparties do not have to register on enmacc. They can simply use the new channel you provide them through a link in the email, to send you a price.

  • Why is the name of the initiator of the request not included in the email?
    In collaboration with our clients, we decided to digitise the process with the off-platform counterparties. Our common goal is that you receive all your quotes directly to provide you with an even better trading experience. In order to make that work, we consciously decided not to disclose the full information in the email to reduce/remove the off-platform counterparties staying in their old habits of sending emails. The full information is only one click away: After receiving the name of the initiator now through the link, the off-platform counterparty can decide to adopt the new, secure and easy quoting process or resume to send an email. 

  • Why are off-platform counterparties not able to respond directly via email to the email inquiries by clicking on reply in their email inbox?
    Sending a price on a request by email interrupts the digital process, so we consciously decided not to encourage the off-platform recipients to send emails back. Our goal is that you will also receive from your off-platform counterparties, as many prices in a fully digital process without any manual intervention by you.

Let’s further pursue the digitisation of energy trading processes. Even trading processes with off-platform counterparties can benefit from enmacc’s features.

Directly talk with them or inform us – we will be happy to make an introduction.

Contact us at, chat or call us at +49 89-215 415 00!

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Enmacc releases new enhancements for trading with off-platform participants

Enmacc releases new enhancements for trading with off-platform participants

Currently, 87% of all quotations of RFQs on enmacc originate from trading participants who are within the enmacc network and are received automatically on the platform. Still, enmacc has always allowed clients to seamlessly address off-platform partners by email. So the remaining 13% of the quotations came so far from external trading participants via phone, messenger or email. Hence our new feature delivers enhancements for this process, to bring our clients more speed, security and accuracy. 

What’s changing? The enmacc emails to off-platform partners will now contain a link to a special entender version. This enables off-platform partners to respond with a price to the RFQ directly and digitally in the enmacc system. Upon RFQ response, off-platform partners will receive confirmation of their quotation on enmacc for documentation purposes. 

This one-time link is totally secure and is subject to a captcha check to ensure that the recipient is not a robot. All the workflow of RFQ trading now stays on the platform and in one place for all our clients. You as the initiator of an RFQ will receive the quotes directly on-screen.  The manual entry of quotes is no longer necessary. Enmacc becomes even faster and more convenient and secure.

Here you can see in a demo video of our new feature and benefits we are delivering to your current workflow.

If there are any questions from you or your external trading partners, please contact us at, chat with us or call us at +49 (0) 89 215 415 00!