enmacc Price Echo delivers price transparency to PPA market participants

enmacc Price Echo delivers price transparency to PPA market participants

enmacc recently launched Price Echo, our first fully digital market data service, to primarily address trading companies that are active in the PPA markets. Initially tackling cal 25-30 German power, this feature delivers price discovery on the illiquid part of the curve where price points are not readily available. Using this data, you can now better conduct essential activities such as completing mark to market, asset valuations, analytical models and creating initial trading liquidity. 

Price Echo enables you to collect relevant price points for these maturities in the fastest, most efficient and transparent way. Every Tuesday between 16:30-17:00 CET, you anonymously submit your price assessment via the enmacc platform. We then run an automated quality control and once the round is complete, digitally distribute aggregated data back to all participants, all at no cost.

Price Echo provides:

  • Fully digital, efficient, and secure insights into market sentiments 
  • Transparent methodology to ensure only qualified input is considered
  • Fully automated processes and calculation precludes any information
  • Fully evaluated and approved – in line with competition rules and regulatory standards

The first four rounds of the enmacc Price Echo have shown falling prices for the German power Cal 25-30 basket. We also observed the average bid-ask spread for those maturities decreasing by more than 15% in just 4 weeks, indicating a steep learning curve on the fair value for all participants.

Contact our sales team on sales@enmacc.com to learn more on enmacc echo and how to participate.

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