RFQ Counterparty Status

RFQ Counterparty Status

Knowing the status (or ✓✓) of your chat and short messages is a common standard.

For direct bilateral trading, we bring status updates to a new level and add some more details so you can follow the RFQ status of all your counterparties in real-time. 

With this feature:

  1. You take control
  2. You get more clarity on the quote- set the quote expectation correctly
  3. You decide which actions you take next to ensure the best quoting results.

Knowing the status of the RFQ and the recipients is valuable information and helps to understand in real-time what the interest of the trading partners in your RFQ is.” Volker Puck, former trader and Co-Founder of enmacc.

This feature is available for all enmacc counterparties and external counterparties. Any questions? Contact success@enmacc.com.

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