Month: May 2021

Introducing the new generation of our CONNECT API

Introducing the new generation of our CONNECT API

We believe in a seamless end-to-end OTC trading process and connectivity to other software systems!

For every trade, multiple systems have to interact with each other.
Automation and integration of these systems in the ecosystem is imperative.
Therefore we enable full control for all essential trading related functionality through our modern REST API – seamlessly integrating into your existing trading ecosystem.

By connecting your systems such as Trading platforms, risk systems, portfolio management, pricing systems, etc. you will:

  • Reduce manual effort
  • Leverage automation to improve trading performance
  • Enable seamless connections without data loss

The new generation of our CONNECT API is more performant than the previous one. We improved the usability through additional endpoints and new data models.

The added functionalities enable you to control entender over the API instead of just the UI:

  • Support for spreads, instants, anonymous & index entender requests
  • Full support for all countries, currencies and balancing zones that are currently available on the enmacc platform
  • Clearing information integrated
  • Creation of entender requests (in upcoming release)

Features in general:

  • Retrieval of traded deals on enmacc
  • Retrieval of closed requests from entender
  • Retrieval of your active and open requests on entender
  • Submission of quotes for your open requests
  • Withdrawal of your active quotes
  • Creation of entender requests (in upcoming release)
  • Notifications about events on entender through webhooks

The transition between the previous and the new version is seamless and can be done piece by piece. The compatibility between old and new endpoints is ensured. For more information please contact us directly.

Find the link to the official documentation here.

For any questions or further information get in contact with our sales team (

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enstats Germany April 2021

enstats Germany April 2021

enstats informs you monthly on enmacc’s trading activities in the German market. Our charts report on the distribution of commodities, of delivery types, market areas, control areas and delivery periods in the month of April 2021 on entender.

Here you will find the enmacc enstats for the German market.

Please send us your feedback, suggestions or questions. Send our Customer Success Team a short email to chat with us or call us at +49 (0) 89 215 415 00!

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Webinar: Women in energy trading

Webinar: Women in energy trading

It’s International Diversity Day on the 21st of may! 🏳️‍🌈

At enmacc we embrace diversity and inclusion. 
Because we know for sure that a diverse working environment makes you and the company stronger! 💪
We understand that there is more to diversity than gender, nevertheless we picked out this particular topic and have an insightful fireside chat 🔥:

Women in energy trading: Rare. Talented. Wanted!

We are more than happy to welcome four strong female role models in the business:
Valentina Elli – Gas Trader at EnBW, Katrin Fuhrmann – Head of Origination at Engie Global Markets, Veronika Gius – Downstream Originator – Environmental Products at Gazprom Marketing & Trading and Lena Lehmeier – Originator at Centrica Energy Trading

Join us as we discuss the following questions:

  • What are the reasons for the low female ratio in leading positions?
  • What has changed to the good or bad for women in this industry?
  • What is it like as a parent in the energy trading business?

Details at a glance:
Date: Friday, 21st May 2021
Time: 11am (CEST)

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