New 1-on-1 online webinar format!

New 1-on-1 online webinar format!

Now you can easily book a customized 1-on-1 live webinar with our new format, whether you are an enmacc user or not. We elaborately prepared new topics that will support you to be even more successful.  On top of that, you can address and discuss any individual questions or cases at each session, because each webinar is created especially for you. You can find the topics you are interested in, in the following list:

  • How to optimise your counterparty list: We will show you how to find and increase your reach to the right counterparts on enmacc and introduce you to new counterparts. 
  • Fast-tracked RFQs for an effortless trading experience: You will learn how to send multiple tenders in a matter of seconds, both on and off platform, saving you time, putting you in control, and giving you full transparency.
  • Refresh webinar: You will see what’s new on enmacc and get a brief overview of the platform.
  • How to manage risk on enmacc: We will show you how to set up your risk settings, providing you with full transparency at all times. 
  • Virtual trading session: You’ll then be able to do some virtual trading, try out the latest functions of enmacc and ask any questions that may arise.

What are you waiting for? Now pick a date here, and we will always be there for you!

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