Month: September 2021

We are ready for Trading Hub Europe!

We are ready for Trading Hub Europe!

As you know, the German Market Areas GASPOOL (GPL) and NetConnect Germany (NCG) are operated by the new Trading Hub Europe (THE) and will form a single nationwide German gas market area as of 1st October 2021. Here are the questions you might be interested in for the adoption on enmacc.

  1. What will change for enmacc clients? 

enmacc clients may have to perform some internal adjustments in order to be prepared to trade THE. This may include the adjustment of potential changes required by:

  • Framework contracts with their counterparties in case there is no “discontinue clause” for NCG and Gaspool
  • Portfolio/ETRM systems
  • Scheduling systems
  • Billing processes
  • Credit Settings
  1. What do our clients have to do?

Our clients do not have to do anything in order to trade THE via enmacc and API. Our contracts do not specify specific market areas and are therefore still valid. In case we did specify a set of market areas in a contract, THE is considered the logical continuation of NCG and Gaspool and therefore the contract is still valid.

Providing liquidity, transparency, and efficiency to the THE market will remain our mission. 

For any questions or further information, please get in contact with our customer success team (

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Get ready for the EEX 10-year power contract with enmacc!

Get ready for the EEX 10-year power contract with enmacc!

Congrats to the EEX for extending the maturity for relevant power contracts (German, Italian, and Spanish Power Futures) from 6 to 10 years to provide further hedging options. Power purchase agreements (PPAs) have become an essential part of renewable energy markets. 

The growth of PPA business has been highly dynamic, which drives the need for appropriate hedging strategies. Pricing these long-term agreements has been challenging, especially considering the recent volatility that the energy market has experienced.

What can enmacc do for you?

✅ Gain better pricing capabilities based on direct market feedback with enmacc price echo.

✅ Receive prices from market participants by initiating your RFQ and negotiate bilaterally. 

✅ Ensure ECC clearing by registering your bilateral trade on EEX automatically.

Contact to find out more.

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LIVE Webinar: The physiology of a successful trader

LIVE Webinar: The physiology of a successful trader

These days, everyone is talking about psychological ways to improve performance, so we thought: let’s look at the most natural counterpart – the trader’s physiology

We have invited Steve Ward, High Performance Coach at Performance Edge Consulting Ltd to talk about the physiology of risk taking, decision making and trading performance.

In this webinar, you will:

💡 explore the role that your body plays in your trading performance and on your physical well-being.
💡 identify a number of practical strategies and tactics that enable you to optimise and train your physiology.

Therefore you will enhance decision-making, risk-taking, and achieve sustainable high-performance.

About Steve Ward:
Steve has over 16 years of experience specializing in helping traders, investment and banking professionals to enhance their risk-taking, decision making, and ability to achieve and sustain high performance. 

Details at a glance:
Date: Thursday, 30th September 2021
Time: 2pm (CET)

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enstats Germany August 2021

enstats Germany August 2021

enstats informs you monthly on enmacc’s trading activities in the German market. Our charts report on the distribution of commodities, of delivery types, market areas, balancing zones and delivery periods in the month of August 2021 on entender.

Here you will find the enmacc enstats for the German market.

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Your enmacc team

Thank you for 5 amazing years!

Thank you for 5 amazing years!

Together with you, we have built the largest platform and network for direct bilateral OTC trading.

We want to thank you for your support and engagement!

The whole enmacc team is looking forward to continuing this big success story together with you and we are thrilled about what’s ahead of us in the next 5 years!

After 5 years, enmacc caters to 398 energy trading companies and 1700+ active traders. We have built countless memories with our clients and our team members, such as: 

  • 21 Digital Trader Summit live webinars held
  • 60+ enmaccians joined 
  • 99 new features launched – any opinion on what feature 100 should be?
  • 3000+ followers acquired on LinkedIn

We believe in providing you with more exciting moments in the future.

Without your feedback, valuable insights, and precious time, none of your successes – and therefore none of our accomplishments – would be possible. We’re so happy to have you all along for the ride.🚀 

enmacc is beyond ready to empower your business. Contact to find out more.

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