Celebrating our 400th member!

Celebrating our 400th member!

We have reached a key milestone by welcoming our 400th member on the enmacc platform. Deep diving into this number shows:

✅ we have successfully onboarded 1700+ active traders.

✅ enmacc keeps growing internationally – our client base outside of Germany already accounts for +40%.

✅ our OTC trading platform is the go-to-place for more and more professional traders who benefit from the fast RFQ trading complementary to their CLOBs (Central Limit Order Books) 

All traders on enmacc benefit from growing the network, connecting traders, and boosting the liquidity in professional energy trading markets.

We couldn’t have gotten here without all of our customers—who over the years have generously shared with us their honest feedback, valuable insights, and precious time to support us to become Europe’s fastest-growing digital, OTC energy trading platform today. Also, a big shout out to our fantastic team for their incredible work. 💪🏼

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