LIVE Webinar: Carbon: still on the way to €110?

LIVE Webinar: Carbon: still on the way to €110?

Lawson Steele, a renowned Senior Utility Analyst at Berenberg Bank, joins Jens Hartmann, CEO of enmacc, in our LIVE Digital Trader Summit episode 25. 

Lawson joined our live webinar at the beginning of the year to deliver the early calls on how and when the carbon price hit €110/t. We are excited to have Lawson back with us to further examine and discuss the carbon market price trends. Lawson will focus on these topics:

  • The multi-year supply shortage
  • There is a surplus
  • “Fit for 55” further tightens the market

Details at a glance:
Date: Thursday, 25th November 2021
Time: 2pm (CET)

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